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Steampunk Girl

The idea jumped into my head this afternoon.  Might tweak it later, but it'll do for now.... based on "Punk Rock Girl" by the Dead Milkmen..... this thing practically wrote itself...

After tea one day I saw an airship overhead
This chick whipped out a raygun
And she nearly shot me dead
Steampunk girl - she's a bustled dream
Steampunk girl - takes her tea with cream
Let's travel round the world
Just you and me steampunk girl

I tipped my hat to her
She said how apropos
I took her hand
And on a bender we did go
Steampunk girl - just returned from France
Steampunk girl - may I have this dance
We'll dominate the world
Just you and me steampunk girl

We tied up the airship at a pub in Greensboro
And ordered some hot tea
But our hostess said "Well no
We only have it iced"
So we jumped up on the table
And shouted something rude
Someone played The Dead Milkmen
On a squeezebox
They did "Punk Rock Girl'"
Which was pretty flipping awesome

We spent all day on the aetherwebs
And then we dropped some bombs
With side trips in between
So we could meet each other's moms
Steampunk girl – sparing no expense
Steampunk girl – aglow on absinthe
And hoping I don't hurl
Yeah you're for me steampunk girl

We went to Dragon Con
And giggled with the Klingons
And then for some reason
We went to a record shop
We asked them for Voltaire
They said "He don't work here"
We said "If you don't got Voltaire
Then your shop will need repairs"  (BOOM)

We climbed into her airship
And away we started floatin'
I said "How much did you pay for this?"
She said "Nothing man, it's stolen"
Steampunk girl - such a dangerous mind
Steampunk girl - somehow still refined
In corset, lace and curls
Just you and me
Airship pirate flag unfurled
Just you and me
We'll travel round the world
Just you…..and…..me…..steampunk girl!



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