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For any performers, vendors, musicians, or folks who just like to dress up in the Pittsboro, NC area- check this out!

Here is information on an event coming up this Fall…

During the first weekend of October arts organizations, artists, musicians, and businesses from all over Pittsboro will come together and take part in Pittsboro By Gaslight, a day long event aimed at celebrating the rich history and varied culture of Pittsboro North Carolina.

Pittsboro By Gaslight will take place October 2, 2010.

What to do: Pittsboro By Gaslight is all about community and collaboration so think outside the box - Organize a class for children, show them how to paint fans or parasols, make puppets; organize a tea party; find a musician to busk in front of your business, offer pony rides; organize a walking tours of the downtown area; be a historical

figure... the possibilities are endless.

Want to participate? Need help figuring out what you want to do? Drop us a line and we’ll try to hook you up. For more information and participation forms email pittsborobygaslight@gmail.com

What is Pittsboro By Gaslight!?!
Take a turn about downtown Pittsboro and you will find many businesses in the downtown area boasting a feel that is markedly ‘Steampunk/Neo-Victorian’, a new cultural movement in which people admire elements of bygone Victorian times and combine them with technology and art in exciting new ways.

S&T Soda Shoppe, General Store Cafe, Davenport & Winkleperry and The City Tap all boast a cozy atmosphere in which dapperly dressed ladies and gentleman can find refreshment and entertainment. Also, Chatham Mill hosts a variety of sights and events that would be of interest to the local Steampunk scene.

Pittsboro By Gaslight is a day- long event connecting artists, musicians, businesses and audiences with invigorating new experiences at numerous locations around Pittsboro. The Pittsboro Merchant Association, Chatham Arts Council and many businesses from all over Pittsboro will come together as a united community to share

experiences with people of all kinds. Spotlighting a different event at each participating venue, the event features opportunities to participate and experience a wide variety of history, culture and more.

August 28th: The Clockwork Ball

Attention Pilots of Airships and their Crews, Mad Scientists, Explorers of the Unknown, Admirers of Verbosity, Respecters of the Strange, Those Lost in the Throes of Opium or Absinthe, Teetotalers, Scallywags, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dandies, Fops, and Urchins...

Our next event, THE CLOCKWORK BALL: A Steampunk Party, will be held on Saturday August 28th, 2010.

Hosted by the Davenport Sisters of THE CLOCKWORK CABARET.

Doors @ 8pm; Music @ 9pm
FREE; $5 suggested donation

- Bring your own booze and your dancing shoes!
- The Davenport sisters will be spinning the tunes!
- Appropriate attire is encouraged, but not required.

And since we're having a party in the back of Davenport & Winkleperry, this can’t be open to just anyone--so bring pals if you'd like, but, uh, make sure you know them.

Davenport & Winkleperry
18A East Salisbury Street
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Steampunk miscellania

Found some great period footage and a few other tidbits....they knew how to push out the boat and set fire to the harbour...

Wild women (and gents) of the 20's
How they moshed in the 20's (put down your drink first)
20's-30's Hairstyle How-To (lots of other vintage hair tutorials linked to this one)

That's all for now!

In Haste,


2010 NC Steampunk Calendar Updated

Our 2010 NC Steampunk Events & Links Page is action-packed and is back to being updated on a regular basis.  You can find it quickly on the Website link on this community's Profile Page.


Jane Austin's Fight Club


This is not a steampunk event, but should be of interest to the scientifically inclined...or those of you that are into destruction.... The Mythbusters will be at the NC Science fair at the Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill on Sunday, 19 September.


Steampunk Swapmeet - Sun, 18 July in Durham

OK...I've been talking about this for ages.  the best way to make it happen is to just pick a dang date and do it.  So here goes....  Note:  Date has been changed to 18 July.

After checking the calendar for potential conflicts, I've settled on Sunday, 18 July from 2PM - 6PM.  That would give people enough time to sleep in from whatever Saturday event they're recovering from.

I'm holding it in my house, so no worries about the heat or rain.  We have plenty of parking and a big yard, so no worries about spillover.  It's not a dressup or a potluck, so no worries about what to wear or what to bring.  I'll have a modest assortment of snacks and beverages in case anyone's feeling peckish, and if you decide later that you need something more substantial, there are 3 supermarkets and several restaurants within a mile of our house.

Go through your drawers and closets and pull out all the fabric, craft items and other doohickies that you've been meaning to do something with but will probably never get around to working with in the near future.  Also the wardrobe items that don't quite fit or that you probably won't ever wear again.  Sure, you might use it someday, but then there might be someone out there who'd be thrilled with it right now.  Start dumping stuff in a bag.  You don't have to do it all at once - just keep adding to it until it's time to head out.

What to expect:
Lay your items out and people can swap, buy or sell.  If people are feeling like hanging out longer and being social, we can have a discussion about event planing or pick a DVD to watch.  We also have a small pool, so if you bring a swimsuit, you're welcome to try it out.

Detailed Directions:
We're located on the Chapel Hill / RTP edge of Durham, one mile off I-40 exit 276 in the opposite direction from Southpoint Mall.

5429 Fayetteville Road, Durham, NC  27713-9084

From I-40 in Durham , take exit 276 (the Southpoint Mall / Fayetteville Street exit).

On Fayetteville Street, head toward Downtown Durham / away from the Mall.

After 1.2 miles you'll pass the 4th traffic light (at Woodcroft Parkway).  Just after Woodcroft, pass the animal hospital on the Right.  Ours is the next driveway on the Right after the animal hospital.

Our house is pale grey with burgundy shutters, and there is a small/medium-sized tree in the middle of the front yard and large pew-type wooden bench on the front porch.  Here's a labeled satellite view.

Park (angling your car diagonally) on the side of the road in front of the house. If we run out of room, look for more parking on the first street past our house (Hemmingwood Drive).  Here's a parking diagram.

H  919.361.2375 
C 919.491.6040


Steam Wars


big as all goodness steampunk yardsale

Hey all, hope this is copacetic to post here. This is Klaude Davenport from the Clockwork Cabaret and Clockwork Ball.

Some of you may have heard from our most recent radio show, but I'm heading out across the country on a big adventure. That means I have to sell my whole gosh darned life, so I'm having a HUGE yardsale this weekend at the Davenport and Winkleperry Gallery in Pittsboro, NC. From noon to 7pm I'll be set up in the back room surrounded by my wardrobe and loads of house stuff.

Most of the clothing and house stuff is of a goth nature, lots of skulls. Lots and lots and lots of skulls. BUT! I have a huge box of steampunk costume pieces, day to day clothing, props and what not, plus corsets, shoes, boots, etc.

So please come have a rummage before the Clockwork Ball that night. Again, it's this Saturday the 19th, from noon until 7pm in the backroom of Davenport and Winkleperry Gallery at 18A East Salisbury St, Pittsboro, NC. Thanks for reading!


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